The Japanese say you have three faces.
The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family.
The third face, you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are.
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favorite video game series ( 2/ ?? )
 assassin’s creed

where other men blindly follow the truth, remember nothing is
true. where other men are limited, by morality or law, remember
everything is permitted.

we work in the dark, to serve the light. we are assassins.

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Assassin’s Creed meme - six deaths (1/6) Blackbeard’s death

"What of Thatch, sir? Did he fall? Captain?

He drinks damnation.”


Videogame Alphabet ⇒ B stands for Bows

"If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it: Every arrow that flies feels the pull of the earth."


Videogame Alphabet A stands for Assassins

"You’ll never know who the assassin is until it’s your time to go. Your life is flashing, askin for forgiveness but you move too slow.”

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History  is our playground.

History is our playground.

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Steve Gildea
Planetary Suite, circa 1990

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